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Are you looking for a fun workshop to sharpen a group's confidence? Looking to bring the social barriers down within a group? Looking to build a team's chemistry? Then try one of our private workshops! 

Regardless of your industry, we can teach you or your team how to be more effective communicators, to adapt to a rapidly changing environment, to work together effectively, and to generate ideas efficiently with an eye towards the group's common goals. Hire us for a lunch time break, a Friday afternoon endeavor, or a morning pick me up! Our rates start as low as $300. We can provide these workshops on site at The Comedy Clubhouse or at your chosen location. Read about our options below and contact us at the bottom of the page! 

Group Seflie

Starting at $200 an hour


We take care of those fun games that allow a group to get to know each other and be silly together. 

Image by Teemu Paananen

Starting at $300 an hour


We make you more confident speakers, salesman, and communicators

Cheering Crowd

Starting at $900


For situations where teamwork is critical, we teach what happens when you do, and don't, work together

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